D.C. Component in Transformer:Physical Behaviour and Design Features G. M. Foglia M. Ubaldini

Virtual Experiment Board of DC Machines L. Ronglin B. Wei

High Pole Number, PM Synchronous Motor with Concentrated Coil Armature Windings A. Di Gerlando R. Perini M. Ubaldini

Generalized Motors fed by Converters with Multiple Inverter Units M. C. Contin J. P. A. Bastos N. Sadowski

Skew Effect Parameters of AC Machines with Skewed Slots V. Subrahmanyam

Analysis of an Ironless-Stator Permanent-Magnet Generator E. Spooner P. Gordon

Wobble Step Motor N. Ben-Hail B. Sandler R. Rabinovici

Vibrations of Switched Reluctance Machines N. Ben-Hail R. Rabinovici

Design and construction of a permanent magnet wind energy generator with a new topology for islanding applications R. Hanitsch G. Korouji

Compensation of Unbalanced Magnetic Forces by Distributed Parallel Circuits O.W. Andersen

A Compact Dynamic Model of Induction Machine For PSPICE Simulation W. Jamal G. V. Williams P. Igic P. A. Mawby


3D FEA Based Investigation of the Magnet Height Effect on the Torque Production Capability of a Claw Pole TFPM A. Masmoudi A. Elantably

A Dynamic Model for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine. Application to a Starter-Generator L. Chedot G. Friedrich

Coupled Analytical and Numerical Predictions of Permanent Magnet Motors Parameters with Electronic Commutation D. Rahem K. Srairi S. M. Mimoune M. Chabane S. Srairi A. Miraoui

New Hysteresis-Band Current Control of Current Source Inverter Asynchronous Drives S.H. Shahalami A. Cherifi

Modelling of a Six-Phase Series-Connected Two-Motor Drive System A. Iqbal E. Levi

Generalized Circuital Modeling of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Electromechanical Devices P. Bolognesi

A Mechanical Model to Study Induction Motor Under Fault Conditions P. Jover M. Negrea A. Arkkio

Parameter Identification of a Permanent Magnet DC Motor: An Experimental Approach A. M. Vural I. Eker

Performance Of Mixed Pole Machines as Stand Alone Generator A.L. Mohamadein R.A. Hamdy A. S. Abdel-khalik

Self-Excited Mixed Pole Machine as a Stand-Alone Generator A. L. Mohamadein R.A. Hamdy A. S. Abdel-khalik

Position Sensorless Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Extended Electromotive Force K. Tanaka I. Miki

Characterization and modeling of iron loss in a synchronous permanent magnet machine under no-load conditions T. Gautreau A. Kedous-Lebouc T. Chevalier

Permanent magnet generator for 200 KW station of a new type J. Danilevich V. Antipov I. Kruchinina

Study of Transfer of Contact Energy of Industrial Magnets in a New Magnetic Power Machine G. Fekete

Speed Sensorless Field Oriented Control of Induction Motor Based on Sliding Mode Operating in Low Speed Conditions F. M. Garcia E. M. Hemerly

The Mathematical Model for the Single Stator-Double Rotor-Machine and its Verification using Prototype Machines M. Schrödl S. Ojak

F.E. Analysis of Balanced Three Phase Induction Motor with Narrow Shunt Bridge of the Rotor Bars K. S. Krikor I. A. Mohammed F. A. Abbood

Generator behaviour of induction machines with copper die-cast squirrel cage rotor N. Castéras L. Doffe O. Walti J.F. Brudny

Cost – Performance – Size Optimization for Automotive Induction Machines. A Fast and Accurate FEM, Analytical Model and Optimization Mixed Procedure. G. Pugsley C. Chillet A. Fonseca

Accurate FEM Iron Loss Estimations Applied to PMSM for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles G. Pugsley A. Kedous-Lebouc A. Fonseca

New Generation of the Explosion - Proof Induction Motors on a Basis of the Appropriate and Energy - Alternative Technology V.A. Chuvashev Ye.A. Varenyk Yu.N. Papazov V.Yu. Chuvankov A.N. Omelchenko N.A. Moukhametchine

Reduction of Thrust Ripple in Linear Induction Motor T. Utsumi H. Watanabe I. Yamaguchi

Stator Optimization of 6-phase Claw-Pole Alternators Using Asymmetric Winding Arrangements S. Schulte C. Kaehler C. Schlensok G. Henneberger

Dynamic Performance Analysis of Multi-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in Electric Propulsion System Xie Wei Jing Hongmin

Low-speed synchronous generator with freewheeling magnets K. Schoepp P. Zieliński

Novel Study of Induction Motors with Broken Bar Faults A. Khezzar M. E. K. Oumaamar A. Lebaroud M. Boucherma M. Hacil

Rotor cage faults analysis in three phase induction motors by parametric and modified Park model A. Khezzar M. Boucherma M. E. K. Oumaamar A. Lebaroud M. Hacil

Effects of Broken Bar Induction Motor with Stator Asymmetry and Distorted Supply A. Lebaroud A. Bentounsi A. Kkhezzar M. Boucherma

Coupled Analytical and Finite Element Calculations to Study the Thermal Behaviour of Transformers under Nonlinear Loads A. Lefevre L. Miegeville J. Fouladgar G. Olivier

Dynamic Short Circuits of Traction Drives – Comparison of Induction Motors with PM Synchronous Motors M. Brauer J. Germishuizen A. Jöckel O. Körner

New Materials and Innovative Technologies to Improve the Efficiency of Three-phase Induction Motors. A Case Study E. Chiricozzi F.  Parasiliti M. Villani

Comparison of Fuzzy Logic and Digital PI Controllers for an Induction Generator Drive in Wind Energy Conversion System T. Sürgevil E. Akpınar S. Pravadalıoğlu

Unique Determination of One-Damper D-Axis Circuits of Synchronous Machines Using Finite-Element Simulations R. Escarela-Perez E. Campero-Littlewood T. Niewierowicz O. Hernández-Anaya

Indirect space vector control of a double star induction machine fed by two five - levels NPC VSI Z. Oudjebour EM. Berkouk N. Sami S. Belgasmi

Design of a traction electric motor taking into account the driving cycles V. Meşter F. Gillon P. Brochet

Double–Cage Asynchronous Machine under Transient Conditions V. Bartos J. Trejbal

Core Losses in Turbine Generators: Segment Core Evaluated by Torque Method H. Mogi C. Kaido E. Minematsu K. Hanzawa A. Nakahara K. Takahashi K. Ide Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd. Japan J. Kaneda Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd. Japan K. Hattori Power & Industrial Systems, Hitachi, Ltd. Japan T. Watanabe Power & Industrial Systems, Hitachi, Ltd. Japan
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A New Combination Method to Realize High Efficiency Outer Rotor Type Permanent Magnet Motors Y. Enomoto M. Kitamura Y. Motegi T. Andoh

Comparison Between Short Pitched and Unipolar Excited Fully Pitched Switched Reluctance Motors for Accurately Computed Phase Resistance Value K. Yilmaz F. E. Kuyumcu E. Mese A. Cengiz

A Statistical Procedure to Obtain Catalog Data for Three-Phase Induction Motors P. S. dos Santos A. Habitzreuter E.F.M. Sato

A New Method to Detect Rotor Broken Bars in Three-Phase Induction Motors Using the Starting Current F. L. M. de Sousa P. S. dos Santos M. Y. Ematsu F. L. Cardoso

A Method to Perform Speed Torque Curves on Induction Motors Using the Acceleration Method M. Y. Ematsu P. S. dos Santos A. Habitzreuter

A new configuration of a TFPM machine for a wheel motor V. Isastia S. Meo M. Bellulcci

The Generator Transient Behaviour Following its Unsuccessful Disconection from The Power System G. Djuki M. Djuri

Loss Calculations for Soft Magnetic Composites G. Nord L.-O. Pennander A. Jack

Performance Analysis of a Doubly Fed Twin Stator Cage Induction Generator F. Rüncos R. Carlson A. M. Oliveira N. Sadowski P. Kuo-Peng

Analytical estimation of extreme inductances of SR machine with axially profiled airgap J. Corda A-M. Tataru

Cost Reduction of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Axial Flux S. Tounsi R. Neji M. Gzara F. Sellami

Efficiency Improvement of Universal Motors used in Domestic Appliances A. Di Gerlando R. Perini

Mechanicalimbalances„testbed,measurement,detectiontechnique C. Kral C.-J. Fenz M. Plainer F. Pirker G. Pascoli

Equivalent Circuit Parameter Calculation of Canned Solid Rotor Induction Motor Using Finite Element Method L. T. Ergene S. J. Salon

Induction Motort with Salient Poles and Radial Assembled Stator Laminations L. Livadaru Al. Simion

Method to Analyze and Reduce Cogging Torque in Permanent Magnet Motor . Hongmin Jing . Wei Xie . Eric Sheu . Zhigan Wu . Jianping Ying – P. R.

Induction motors with "double star/delta" conection change forefficiency and power factor icreasing at loads up to 75-85% M.M. Kostić Z.S. Janda J. Radaković L. Miskolci

Separation of Stray No-Load Losses in the Rotor of Induction Moyors on Two Components and Establishment Their Dependences M.M. Kostić Ž.S. Janda

Eddy Current Heating in Large Salient Pole Generators C.P. Riley A.M. Michaelides

Fields, Damper Currents and Losses in Large Salient-Pole Synchronous Machines with Skewed Ststor Slots H. Karmaker A. Knight

Calculation of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Electrical Machines with Rotor Eccentricity A. Tenhunen T.P. Holopainen A. Arkki

Potential of soft magnetic powders for switched reluctance machines in comparison with the laminations solution Y. Alhassoun C. Henaux B. Nogarede

Analytical Procedure and Design for Transverse Flux Machines . Do Hyun Kang H. Weh

Dynamic Performance of Conventional and Renewable Energy Production Systems in a Hybrid Mode of Operation A.D. Karlis D.P. Papadopoulos K. Karasavas

Control of a bi-converter mono-machine system based on the energetic macroscopic representation P-E. Vidal M. Pietrzak-David P. Delarue A. Bouscayrol

Eddy Current Loss in Tubular Modular Permanent Magnet Machines Y. Amara J. Wang D. Howe

Three-phase interior-mounted magnet modular brushless machines for automotive applications Z.P. Xia J. Wang D. Howe

The Power Loss Calculation In The Laminated Core Under Distorted Flux Conditions J. Anuszczyk, Z. Gmyrek

Induction Machine Model supporting Supply Currents Based Diagnostics of Bearings J. Rusek J. Rusek

Sine wave current feeding of SRM. Starter-generator application M. Gabsi A. De Vries M. Le Pincart Y. Bonnassieux M. Lecrivain C. Plasse

Induction Motor Magnetizing Inductance Modeling as a Function of Torque J. Nerg J. Pyrhönen J. Partanen M. Niemelä E. Richie

Parameter Decoupling in Permanent Magnet Motor Models Including Space Harmonics and Saturation E. Nipp

Comparing the various constructions of the linear synchronous-like motors based on finite-element method F. Tóth

Fuzzy logic techniques applied to the inverter flux control of a fuel cell power plant F. Jurado M. Valverde


Comparison of Different Calculation Methods for the Induction Motor with Multilayer Rotor Structure D. Gerling G. Dajaku

Electroactive materials : towards novel actuation concepts B. Nogarede J-F. Rouchon A. Renotte

The commutator machine as a system of the cyclic constant structure W. Rams

Influence of the control on induction machine affected from electric asymmetries S. Meo G. Gentile F. Esposito

Iron Losses Modelling and Effects in Salient Pole Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors – A review M. Popescu TJE Miller C. Cossar M. McGilp

Acoustic Simulation of an Induction Machine with Squirrel-Cage Rotor C. Schlensok

Küest Aachen University (RWTH Aachen) Henneberger Aachen University (RWTH Aachen)

Equivalent Circuit Model of Solid-Rotor Induction / Hysteresis Motor E. Spooner J.R. Bumby M. Jagiela

Solid-rotor axial-flux motors for very high-speed drives E. Spooner J.R. Bumby

Fuzzy Logic Based Cost Effective Induction Motor Drives M. Nasir Uddin T.S. Radwan M.A. Rahman

całkowicie źle sformatowany w pdf

Comparison Between TFPM Generator with Toothed Rotor and Conventional PM Synchronous Generator for Direct-Drive Wind Turbines R. Dubois H. Polinder

Effect of Air Gap Thickness on Transverse-Flux Permanent Magnet (TFPM) Machines with Flux-Concentration R. Dubois H. Polinder J.A. Ferreira

Compaction of SMC powders for high saturation flux density R. Dubois L-P. Lefebvre P. Lemieux

CAN solid state voltage regulation devices save Energy in induction machines? An experimental proof with some theoretical explanations H. Köfler

Comparative Study of Iron Losses in Different PM Brushless AC Machines under Flux-Weakening Z.Q. Zhu Y.S. Che D. Howe

Design of High-Speed Brushless DC Motors for Sensorless Operation Z.Q. Zhu J.D. Ede D. Howe

Transient Stability Simulation of Wind Generator Expressed by Multi-Mass Model J. Tamura Y. Shima R. Takahashi T. Murata S. Yonaga S. Tominaga A.

Forces Densities in Synchronous Generator with Saturated Rotor D. Spałek

Spherical Induction Motor with Ferrofluids in Gap D. Spałek

Influence of geometrical parameters of Switched Reluctance Motor on electromagnetic torque K. Bieńkowski J. Szczypior A. Rogalski A. Biernat

Operational Characteristics Of SRM And Their Influence On Control Strategy A. Biernat K. Bieńkowski J. Szczypior

Model Derivation of Variable Speed Wind Generator Using Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine R. Takahashi J. Tamura S. Yonaga S. Tominaga A. Sakahara S. SuzUnited Kingdomi

A New Control Method of Doubly-Fed Synchronous Machine for a Wind Energy Conversion System R. Takahashi J. Tamura K. Ide

Sensorless Control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor Using Modified Flux Linkage Oberver with an Estimation Error Correct Function T. Hanamoto A. Ghaderi T. FUnited Kingdomuzawa T. Tsuji


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Computation of Transient Eddy Currents in Laminated Magnetic Materials of Electrical Machines A. Merkhouf B. Bandelier F. Rioux-Damidau

Thrust and Cogging Force Improvement on Inductor Linear Motor T. Shikayama R. Oguro T. Tsuji

Wind Generator Stabilization With Doubly-Fed Asynchronous Machine L.Wu, R. Takahashi T. Murata J. Tamura

Fuzzy Logic Based High Performance Control of Induction Motor Including Core Loss M. Abdul Mannan T. Murata J. Tamura

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Torque Oriented Control of Induction MotorFrom a View Point of Magnetic Energy Conversion T. Murata M. Yamashita T. Tsuchiya J. Tamura

Measurement of Stress-Dependent Magnetisation and Magnetostriction of Electrical Steel Sheets A. Belahcen M. El Amri

Frequency Dependent Hysteresis Loss In Magnetic Laminations Under DC-Biased Magnetization Z. Gmyrek

Modeling of a High Speed, Solid Rotor Induction Machine with Adaptive Procedures M. Jagieła J.R. Bumby E. Spooner

Analytical formula for rotating motor permanent magnet MMF in a general case M. Marković M. Jufer Y. Perriard

Improved Modeling of Three-Phase Transformer Analysis Based on Nonlinear B-H Curve and Taking Into Account Zero-sequence Flux B. Kawkabani J.-J. Simond

Evaluation of the Current Distribution in the Secondary of A High Speed Linear Induction Motor M. Mirzayee M. Mirsalim A. Nicomanesh A. Ghaempanah

Modelling of Grid Connected Fixed Speed Wind Turbine Generators Using Induction Machines l. Ran J.R. Bumby P.J. Tavner

Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator to Ride-through a Grid Side Fault l. Ran P.J. Tavner J.R. Bumby

Effect of Stress-Dependent Magnetostriction on Vibrations of an Induction Motor A. Belahcen

Comparison of simulated and actual data for a resonant inverter O.A. Eno D.S. Thompson

Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generators for Low Power Wind Turbines J.R. Bumby R. Martin M.A. Mueller E. Spooner P.J. Tavner A Wong

Voltage stresses on PWM inverter fed induction motors : cable modeling and measurement R. Wetter B. Kawkabani J-J Simond

Clustering events related to restricted earth fault and differential relaying on the protection of power transformer G. Díaz P. Arboleya J. Gómez-Aleixandre

A new power transformer relaying technique based on delta residual current as applied to three- and four-wired systems G. Díaz P. Arboleya J. Gómez-Aleixandre

3-D Numerical Analysis of a Short Primary Linear Reluctance Motor K. Ogawa

The efficiency improvement of small induction motor by lower core loss electrical steel H. Dohmeki T. Homma

Interactive Motion Control System with Three-phase Induction Motor K. Fujii T. Tsuji T. Ikemoto T. Fujinaga

Motion Control of Electric Vibration Equipment T. Ikemoto T. Onoda K. Fujii

Characteristics of Brushless Single-phase Synchronous Generator T. Onoda T. Ikemoto K. Fujii

Practical Rules for Assessment of Inverter-Induced Bearing Currents in Inverter-Fed AC-Motors up to 500 kW A. Muetze A. Binder

Dynamic Sensitivity Analysis of Asynchronous Machine Models Considering Saturation R. Bargalló J. Llaverías H. Martín

Variable pole, variable phase machines M. McCulloch

Electromagnetic Design Study of Medium Size HTS Transformer F. Zizek Z. Jelinek

Variable Frequency Drive of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors T. Zouaghi

Rapid Evaluation of Excessive Local Heating Hazard in Bushing Turrets of Large Power Transformers J. Turowski

Determination of Single-Phase Induction Motor Parameters using DC Excitation of Stator Windings I. Ziari A. Vahedi

Parameter Identification of Three-Phase Induction Motor Using Charge & Discharge Stator Currents I. Ziari A. Vahedi

Optimization of a Two-Degree of Freedom Spherical Actuator G. Galary B. Dehez D. Grenier

Additional Losses inthe Synchronous Brushless Generator A. Krug

Output-Feedback Decoupling of Currents in Vector Control R. Ghosn G. Salloum M. Pietrzak-David B. de Fornel

Active Diagnosis of Induction Machine G. Clerc J.M. Retif V. Hartmann

Effect of Variable Wind Speed on Wind Turbines with Induction and Doubly Fed Machines M. Chomat L. Schreier J. Bendl

A Device for Testing Programs for Discrete Process Controling Controllers K. Dzierżek F. Siemieniako S. Karpovich

Axial Gap Permanent Magnet DC Motor with Powder Iron Armature S. M Abu-Sharkh M. TN Mohammad
Shu Hau Lai

Position Sensorless Method for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives A. Komatsuzaki K. Yoshida I. Miki H. Noda

Concept and Performance Evaluation of the Variable Frequency Transformer Used for Coupling Power Systems A. Merkhouf

Determination of the Asynchronous Torque-Speed Characteristic of an Synchronous Reversible Generator M. Biriescu G. Liuba C. Sorandaru G. Madescu M. Mot

A Novel Sensorless Rotor-flux-oriented Control Scheme with Thermal and Deep-bar Parameter Estimation M.J. Durán Martínez J.L. Durán Paz F.M. Pérez Hidalgo J. Fernández Moreno

Effect of eccentricities and cage asymmetry on induction machine currents, considering deformation of supply voltages S. Elawgali

Analysis of the pull-out Optimised Induction Motor in Heavy Traction applications J. Puranen J. Pyrhönen

Some PWM Strategies of Three-Level Inverter-Fed AC Drives S. Halász I. Varjasi

Design of a Large Diameter 2-Axis Consequent-Pole Bearingless PM Motor/Generator for Flywheel Application D.G. Dorrell G.R. Hill A. Chiba

Analysis of an Inverter-Fed 6-phase Induction Machine - the Effects of Voltage Harmonics on the Operation D.G. Dorrell R. A. McMahan M. Leong

Measurement and calculation of EMF in small commutator machinesincluding brush shift, skew and short coil pitch M. Klauz TJE Miller

Linear Motor Optimization Using An Analytical Model S. Chevailler M. Markovic M. Jufer Y. Perriard

Avoiding the Switching-off Failure in Capacitor Motors R-N. Hasanah M. Jufer

GA Based Optimal Design of a Shaded Pole Motor V. Sarac L. Petkovska M. Cundev G. Cvetkovski

Estimation of coefficients for exponential and Fourier series representation of BH and magnetization curves M. Klauz

Efficiency improvement of squirrel - cage induction motors due to optimal chosen rotor slot number T. Marčič M. Hadžiselimovič M. Gajzer I. Zagradišnik

Automation of Finite Element Aided Design of Induction Motors using Multi-Slice 2D Models D. Griffiths J. K. Sykulski

Variable Speed Power Generators V. Bršlica

Investigation of Voltage Characteristics in Induction Generators A. Izadian M. Kalantar A. Vahedi

A Linear Drive for an Autonomous, Magnetically Levitated Transportation Vehicle D. Brakensiek G. Henneberger

Comparison of Stator- and Rotor-Force Excitation for the Acoustic Simulation of an Induction Machine with Squirrel Cage Rotor C. Schlensok G. Henneberger

Theoretical and Experimental Approach to Evaluate Surface Losses in Air-Gap Area of Synchronous Reluctance Motor D. Miljavec M. Hadžiselimović I. Zagradišnik K. Lenasi

New Analytical Methods on Field Calculation for Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors A. Kiyoumarsi M. Moallem M. R. Hassanzadeh

2D and 3D Coupled Field-Circuit Simulation of Power Transformer Transients L. Nowak A. Demenko K. Radziuk

Finite Element Analysis of Transient in Pulse Transformer W. Łyskawiński W. Szeląg

Sensorless Control of PMSM Drives Using Combination of Voltage Model and HF Signal Injection A. Piippo M. Hinkkanen J. Luomi

Routine calculation of losses and temperature rises at the stator end portion of air cooled turbine generators considering the stator slot end field G. Klaus M. Liese

A new method of numeric magnetic field calculation and field current calculation for synchronous generators St. Kunckel M. Liese

Mechanical and Thermal Aspects of Small High-Speed Induction Machine Design M. Larsson M. Johansson H. Bengtsson J. Hylander

Maximum Torque to Current control of a Synchronous Reluctance Machine by including cross-magnetisation T. Lubin H. Razik A. Rezzoug

3D Nonlinear Transient Finite Element Analysis of Eddy Currents in the Stator Clamping System of Large Hydro Generators E. Schmidt G. Traxler-Samek A. Schwery

Effects of axial segmentation on the eddy current loss in the permanent magnets of modular brushless machines J. D. Ede K. Atallah G. W. Jewell J. B. Wang D. Howe

Numerical Determination of Tank Losses in Distribution Transformers R. Escarela-Perez J. C. Olivares-Galvan M. A. Venegas-Vega

A closer view into progressive internal faults in transformers by means of the analysis of instantaneous currents sequences P. Arboleya G. Díaz J. Gómez-Aleixandre

Power transformer overload forecasting using unsupervised learning neural networks P. Arboleya G. Díaz J. Gómez-Aleixandre

Determination of Hysteresis Core Losses on a Single-Phase Transformer by using a Dynamic Preisach-type Hysteresis Model A. de Blas R. Bargalló J. de la Hoz P. G. Pereirinha C. Lemos Antunes

Application of a moisture-in-oil model to in-service power transformers monitoring D. Urquiza B. García J. C. Burgos

A New Factor F in Electrical Machine Design M. Mihalache

A Differential Approach to Resistive Parameters Identification in Salient Rotor PM Synchronous Motors M. Tursini R. Petrella F. Parasiliti

Low Speed Analysis of Parameter Detuning in Vector Controlled Sensorless Induction Motor Drives M. Hajder S. Vukosavic

Design Consideration on Electric Drivetrain for Electric Vehicle based on Driving Performance
Sang-Yong Jung
Kinam Kim
Ho-gi Kim

A Method of Calculation of Branch Voltages in a Variable-Structural Process of Mathematical Modelling of Converter Drives R. Beniak

Application of rotor current space vector pattern recognition for sensorless vibration monitoring of the subsynchronous cascade drive I. Tsoumas A. Safacas

Dynamic Modeling of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine Using Coupled Finite Element Method Solver and System Simulator S. Seman S. Kanerva J. Niiranen A. Arkkio

New Design Solution of PM Disc Motor Using SMC Material G. Cvetkovski L. Petkovska S. Gair

A Comparison between Axial and Radial Flux PM Motor by Optimum design method from the required output NT characteristics K. Akatsu S. Wakui

Design of a High Speed Permanent Magnet Brushless Generator for Microturbines J. F. Gieras

Design of Converter-Fed Induction Motors to Reduce Bearing Currents P. Mäki-Ontto J. Luomi

AC Motor Cable Model Suitable for Bearing Current and Over-Voltage Analysis P. Mäki-Ontto H. Kinnunen J. Luomi


Comparison of Measurements and Simulations on High-Speed Induction Machines M. Johansson M. Larsson L. Näslund J. Hylander

Identification and Verification of Parameters of the Asynchronous Machine During Field-Orientedly Controlled Operation U. Beckert H. Arnold

Field-Circuit analysis of the rotating transformer of the resolver W. Szelag J. Kołowrotkiewicz L. Długiewicz P. Sujka

Design technique for reducing the cogging torque in large surface mounted magnet motors R. Lateb N. Takorabet F. Meibody-Tabar J. Enon A. Sarribouette

Development of a Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet Linear Motor for Direct Drive Applications J. Chang D. Kang

Analysis of Iron loss in a Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet Linear Motor J. Chang D. Kang

The Characteristics Analysis, Design of Induction Motor for the Main Coolant Pump of the Reactor Considering the Influence of the Can Dae-Hyun Koo Yun-Hyun Cho

A 200 MJ Class Kinetic Energy Storage System Based on a Switched Reluctance Machine M. Lafoz J. Iglesias J. Calero L. García-Tabarés D. Ugena S. Portillo

Determination of Performance Characteristics of Axially Laminated Synchronous Reluctance Motor by means of Field-circuit Method R. Machlarz


Capacitor brushless DC motor T. Glinka A. Fręchowicz

Sensorless control of a permanent magnet generator for furure embedded aircraft generation systems S.G. Burrow P.H. Mellor T. Sawata M. Holme

Comparison of rated power and efficiency of dc motor, induction motor and brushless dc motor with electronic commutator T. Glinka B. Kulesz M. Jakubiec

Analysis of the sensitivity of estimated parameters values of the dynamic model to the type and magnitude of the disturbance of the measured run K. Macek-Kamińska P. Wach M. Kamiński

a General Description of High-Frequency Position Estimators for Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors Frederik M.L.L. De Belie Jan A.A. Melkebeek

Reduction of noise in a MMT patented BLDC E. Vinot J. Tbatou

A Recursive Algorithm to resolve the Skin Effect in Rotorbars of Squirrel Cage Induction Motors A. Boglietti A. Cavagnino M. Lazzari

Evaluation of the Radial Dynamic Stiffness of an Ironless Motor for Precision Engineering Applications M.H. El-Husseini A. Bennani J.W. Spronck H. Polinder J. van Eijk J.C. Compter

The Proposal of Asynchronous Machine Designed for Diagnostics B. Skala

Design Optimization of a Low Speed Switched Reluctance Machine for Wind Turbine Applications. L. Moreau M.I. Lamghari-Jamal M. Machmoum M.E. Zaim

Sizing of automotive claw-pole alternator based on analytical modelling L. Albert C. Chillet A. Jarosz J. Rousseau F. Wurtz

The Simplify Control Algorithm for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with Sinusoidal Current Control (BLAC) V. Olarescu S. Musuroi

The analysis of the induction motor with magnetic changer of frequency and phases R. Goleman

A Simple Method for Flux-Weakening Operation of DTC Based Induction Motor Drives D. Casadei G. Serra A. Tani L. Zarri

Computation of Electromagnetic Forces in Switched Reluctance and Brushless DC Machines from 2-D Field Solutions V. Kuzmichev A. Matveev E. Lomonova A. Lebedev

Performance Analysis of a Transverse Flux Wheel Motor by a Non-linear Mathematical Model M. Andriollo A. Morini G. Martinelli A. Tortella M. Zerbetto

Modeling of Two-Dimensional Electromagnetic Fields in Flat and Tubular Lineal Actuators J. Guerreiro Conçalves

Ohmic losses in magnetic components subjected to high frequency sinusoidal excitation G. Dimitrakakis E. Tatakis

Thermal Analysis of Compact Distribution Transformer Substation P. Eguia I. Zamora A.J. Mazón E. Fernandez V. Valverde I. Albizu

Influence of the rotor eccentricity on the magnetic noise of three-phase induction motor: an experimental approach S.L. Nau R. Becker N. Sadowski

Common Mode Poles and Eigenmodes for Various Grounding Configurations in Motor Applications with Variable Speed Drives B. Bolsens J. Van den Keybus R. Belmans

Acoustic Noise Reduction of PMAC Machines Driving Drum Washer Cha-Seung Jun Dong-Won Kim Si-Moon Jeon

The Reduction of Noise in Outer Rotor Type Capacitor Run Motor for Washing Machine B.W. Min S.C. Park H.T. Lim D.W. Kim S.M. Jeon

Two Techniques for Modeling an Induction Motor with Skewed Slots with a Time-Stepping 2D-3D Finite Element Method C. Guérin R. Ruiz Y. Le Floch M. Vilcot J.P. Ducreux A. Abakar


3D Dynamic Model of Electrical Machines. B. Napame M. Goueygou M. Hecquet P. Brochet A. Randria

Fast and original modeling of actuators: Example on a switched reluctance motor drive F. Sixdenier L. Morel J.P. Masson

Transient Performance of Squirrel Cage Induction Motors with Frequency Inverter Supply Taking into Account 2D Field Distribution and 2D Current Displacement in Cylindrical Rotor Bars E. Bolte S. Fiebig

Magnetic Field Distribution in Radial-Field Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors E. Bolte J. Peschke

Maximization of No-Load Flux Density in Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Motors F. DUBAS Ch. ESPANET A. MIRAOUI

Stability Study of a Synchronous Machine with two-way Parallel Field Winding by Trajectory Reversing Method P. Bolognesi O. Bruno L. Greco A. Landi L. Sani L. Taponecco

Design of a PM generator for the Turby, a wind turbine for the built environment H. Polinder

Induction Generator Excited by Voltage Source Inverter for Micro-Hydro Plants J. Faria E. Margato M.J. Resende

Flux Weakening Performances for a Double-Excited Synchronous Machine D. Fodorean A. Djerdir A. Miraoui I.A. Viorel

Axial Flux Machine Stator Construction with Concentrated Windings P. Anpalahan A. Walker S. Tsakok W. Thornton S. Etemad M. Lamperth

Analytical Model for Multi-Stack Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator P. Anpalahan A. Walker S. Tsakok S. Etemad M. Lamperth

Design and Comparison of Concentrated Windings and Distributed Windings Interior PM Machines for a Hybrid Vehicle Application L. Vido Y. Amara E Hoang M. Gabsi F. Chabot M. Lécrivain

Magnetic field analysis of a three-phase asynchronous motor with spiral sheet rotor. R. Mujal-Rosas J. Casals-Terré

A Novel Approach to Reduce Short-Circuit Current of PM Machines C. Noël N. Takorabet F. Meibody-Tabar

Comparison between three iron-powder topologies of electrically magnetized synchronous machines. D. Martínez-Muñoz M. Alaküla

A MEC network method based on the BH curve linearisation: study of a claw-pole machine D. Martínez-Muñoz M. Alaküla

Efficiency-Optimised Simulation of Asynchronous Machines combined with PWM Converters R. Nuscheler W. Meyer M. Schmid

Practical application of the spectral analysis of line current for the detection of mixed eccentricity in cage induction motors fed by frequency converter O. Duque M. Pérez D. Moríñigo

Diagnostic of interturn defect in three phase system by studying hystereris magnetic harmonics signatures H. Yahoui F. Sixdenier B. Ducharne J.P. Masson

Design of a Moving Coil Linear Actuator for High-Dynamic Strong-Force Applications H. Muamer B. Reimann M. G.H.S. Diab S. Liu

Analysis and Preliminary Design of a Rotary-Linear Brushless Machine P. Bolognesi

Measurement And Calculation of Rotational Loss at Different Frequencies J. Anuszczyk W. Pluta Z. Gmyrek

Vectoriel modeling approach of multi-star machine supplied by voltage source inverters. N. MADANI-MOKHTARI M.F. BENKHORIS R. LE DOEUFF

Performance of rotors for the Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Machine (BDFM) P.C. Roberts R.A. McMahon P.J. Tavner J.M. Maciejowski T.J. Flack

Impact of magnetic saturation on the input-output linearising tracking control of an induction motor D. Dolinar P. Ljuˇsev G. ˇStumberger


Low Cost Digital Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor B. Blanqué J.I. Perat P. Andrada

Dynamic Performance Analysis of a Shaft Generator System with a Load of an Induction Motor K. Yamashita S. Nishikata

Voltage and Frequency Controlled Brushless Excitation O. Drubel A. Lacaze A. Karachev

Direct driven synchronous generator for wind turbines (vernier reluctance magnet machine) I. MENY P. ENRICI J.J. HUSELSTEIN D. MATT

Axial Flux Surface Mounted PM Machine with Field Weakening Capability J.A. Tapia D. Gonzalez R. Wallace A. Valenzuela


A First Example of Bayesian Analysis in Electrotechnics G. Aguirre-Zamalloa

Study on Magnetic Field and Output Voltage of Axial Type Generator for Wind Power Generation E. Mukai S. Washimiya

Asynchronous wheel hub motor with massive rotor iron and open rotor slots for wheel hub drives in street cars W. Hackmann A. Binder

Losses in high speed permanent magnet motor with magnetic levitation for 40000/min, 40 kW M. Klohr A. Binder

Study of geometrical dimensions effects on the characteristics of electrostatic micromotor V. Behjat A. Vahedi B. Hashemi

Immediate Stator Flux Control of AC Machines V. Ambrožič D. Nedeljković R. Fišer M. Nemec

Design and Modeling of the Electric Part of an Experimental Power Plant from Sea Waves N. M. Kimoulakis S. A. Papathanassiou A. G. Kladas

Fast Power Transformer Design Technique Validated by Measurements V. S. Lazaris M. A. Tsili A. G. Kladas

Robust controller for Variable Speed Stall Regulated Wind Turbines C. Pournaras A. Soldatos S. Papathanassiou A. Kladas

Modelling of axial flux PM Machines: Thermal analysis A. Parviainen M. Niemelä J. Pyrhönen J. Mantere

Saturation Effects in a Three-phase Transformer Bank composed by Single-phase Transformers C.H. Salerno D. Bispo J.R. Camacho

Brak literatury

The analysis of the Vibration Characteristics of a Linear Pulse Motor According to Input Current Waves
Du-Suk Heo Kyu-Hwan Hwang
Dong-A University

Electromagnetic Interferences In Electrical Drives With Pwm- Inverter Fed Doubly-Salient Permanent-Magnet Machines C. Martis H. Hedesiu

3-Phase Induction Motor Drive with PWM Modulator Using A 8-Bit Low Cost Microcontroller E. Kucukguzel O. Bilgic

Commutatorless Series Motor withuot Damping Circuits and a Diode placed in d-axis S. Cofinas I.K. Hatzilau J.M. Prousalidis S. Perros

Jedna kolumna-pdf nieedytowalny

Electric Machinery Winding Design Software - A tool for teaching and rewinding F.J.T. Estevao Ferreira
Aníbal Traça de Almeida

Accuracy analysis of the thrust force in 2D-3D finite element models G. Deliége F. Henrotte K. Hameyer

Power drive analysis for diagnostic purpose by inverter DC bus magnetic field measures C. Gillot G. Rojat H. Yahoui

Effects of Thickness of Ring Magnet on Characteristics of Direct-Drive Motor Built into a Camcorder Zoom Lens Barrel H. Takano H. Oshima H. Nanko

FEM-BEM calculation of eddy current losses in copper winding G. Szymanski M. Waszak

Aspects regarding optimal design of induction motor for railway switch M. Vlad E. Nica I. Ghiur I. Borza

Analysis of Dependences of Transformer Energy Parameters on Generalized Linear Dimension B.I. Nevzlin Y.Y Dyachenko A.M Al-Zureigat M.V Zagirnyak O. Benaissa

High Dense Soft Magnetic Composites Made by Combined Sinter-oxidizing-forging Technique M. Zagirnyak D. Miljavec H. Weinert V. Leschinsky

Coupled Models For The Interior Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors At Different Speeds M. Pérez-Donsión

Design and Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Moving Magnet Linear Actuator
Kyu-Hwan Hwang
Du-Suk Heo
Yun-Hyun Cho

Control of Switched Reluctance Machines for Flywheel Energy Storage Applications M. Holub R. Palka W.-R. Canders

Equivalent circuits for the Electrical Variable Transmission M.J. Hoeijmakers

Brak pozycji w programie

Indirect Sensors for Switched Reluctance Motors Vibrations
Mohamed Gabsi Xavier Mininger Yvan Bonnassieux Thierry Poux Bruno Grioni

Dynamic Modelling of a Linear Vernier Hybrid Permanent Magnet Machine M.A. Mueller J. Xiang N.J. Baker P.R.M. Brooking

Vibration reduction of Switched Reluctance Motor with PZT actuators X. Mininger M. Gabsi F. Bouillault C. Giraud-Audine Y. Bonnassieux

Direct Torque and Flux Control of A Sensorless Induction Machine Drive Using Sliding-Mode Observer and Space Vector Modulation (DTC-SVM) G.R. Arab Markadeh J. Soltani

Equivalent Loading of Induction Motors Using A New Composite Power Supply with A Linear (V/Hz) Characteristic J. Soltani M. Hajian B. Szabados

Scaling Procedure Applied to the Transverse Flux Motors I.A. Viorel M. Jufer M. Crivii A. Viorel

Two Phase Transverse Flux Permanent - Magnet Machine A.D. Popan I.A. Viorel R.C. Ciorba

Extraction of Circuit Parameters from Time Stepping FEM Computation for Coupled Field-Circuit Simulation S. Kanerva A. Arkkio

Coupled FEM and System Simulator in the Simulation of Synchronous Machine Drive with Direct Torque Control S. Kanerva C. Stulz J. Kaukonen H. Burzanowska J. Järvinen S. Seman

Basic Analytical Study on On-board Wound-Secondary Type of Linear Induction Motor for Light Transit N. Fujii T. Mizuma

Overall Characteristics of Traction Linear Induction Motor with New End-effect Compensator N. Fujii Y. Tanabe Y. Ito

Comparison among three configurations of fractional-slot PM servomotors N. Bianchi S. Bolognani G. Grezzani

Spectrum Analysis of Turbogenerator Rotor Magnetic Field M. Roytgarts

Performance analysis of fractional slot wound PM-motors P. Salminen J. Mantere J. Pyrhönen M. Niemelä

Sizing Equations and Power Desnity Evaluation of Dual-Rotor, Radial-Flux, Toroidally-Wound, Permanent-Magnet Machines
Ronghai Qu T.A. Lipo

Transient Electromagnetic and Coolant Flow Investigations of Synchronous Generators Using Numerical Approaches E. Schlemmer J. Schoenauer E. Farnleitner F. Mueller

Modelling and Position Control of Voltage Forced Electromechanical Actuator A. Patecki S. Stępień

A Novel Design of Resistance Welding Transformer S. Cundeva L. Petkovska V. Filiposki

Current-Waveform Analysis of 6-phase Claw-Pole Alternators using VHDL-AMS Implementation in Simplorer S.E. Schulte C. Schlensok G. Henneberger

Robust Sensorless Operation of Vector Controlled AC Motors Using EKF Trained Neural Networks V. Subrahmanyam

A Novel Approach on the Design and Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor E. Beser H.T. Duru S. Camur B. Arifoglu

A Problem of Torque Accuracy in Models of a Squirrel-Cage Induction Machine W. Jażdżyński J. Kudła

Electric Motors Featuring Multiple Degrees-of-Freedom P. Bolognesi O. Bruno A. Landi L. Sani L. Taponecco

Finite Element Analysis of two PM-Motors with Buried Magnets J. Kolehmainen

Brak literatury

Magnet Design procedure of Single-Phase LSPM Synchronous Motor
Sook Hyun Hong
Kwon Min Ko
Chan Bae Park

Simple Control System for Field Weakening of Surface Mounted PM Brushless Motors J. Figueroa J. Cros P. Viarogue

DC Ferromagnetic Actuator for Extremely High Forces I. Doležel M. Mach B. Ulrych

Designing Squirrel Cage Rotor Slots with High Conductivity J.L. Kirtley Jr.

Permanent Magnet Motor Improvement, Using the Concept of Longitudinal Flux Concentration I.E. Chabu S.I. Nabeta J.R. Cardoso

Study of the Magnetisation Reactances in a TFLIM
Javier José María Rivas Conde
Ángel M. Alonso Rodríguez

Investigation on Pole-Slot Combinations for Permanent-Magnet Machines with Concentrated Windings F. Libert J. Soulard

Coupled field, circuit and mechanical model for efficient representation of permanenet magnet generator wind turbine A. Haniotis A.G. Kladas J.A. Tegopoulos

Filter Winding Problematic in Traction Transformers J. El Hayek

Advanced materials for high speed motor drives G. Kalokiris A.G. Kladas J.A. Tegopoulos

Advanced Methods for Teaching Electrical Machines based on Virtual Laboratories P.G. Rovolis A.G. Kladas J.A. Tegopoulos

Influence of the wave character of commutator wear on the vibration dynamics of the sliding contact in AC commutator motors A. Wilk J. Mosoń G. Kostro P. Dobrowolski

Influence of the rotor geometry on stator current of PMSM(s) J.A. Güemes F. Romero

A Methodology Based on Energy-Conversion Diagrams to Optimise Switched Reluctance Generators Control P. Lobato A.J. Pires J.A. Dente

Transient Performance Analysis for Universal Motors Taking Into Account Commutation and Rotational Loss K. Kurihara S. Sakamoto

A Simplified Approach to Permanent Magnet Motor Characteristics Determination by Finite-Element Methods K. Reichert

PM-Motors with concentrated, non overlapping Windings, some Characteristics K. Reichert

Investigation Of Slotless Permanent Magnet Excited Linear Synchronous Machines With Concentrated Stator Windings W.-R. Canders H. Mosebach Z. Shi

On Line Estimation Of The Stator Resistance Of A Doubly Fed Induction Machine By An Adaptive Method R. Ghosn M. Pietrzak-David B. De Fornel

Performance Analysis of a Solid Rotor Disk Induction Motor S.E. Abdollahi M. Mirsalim M. Mirzayee

Brak kraju

Optimal Switched Reluctance Motor Control Strategy for Wide Voltage Range Operation F. D'hulster K. Stockman R. Belmans

Generator based on exploitation of moving systems energy September 2004 A. Sperova P. Fiala

Generalized Procedure for Parameters Determination in Potier Model of Synchronous Machines P. Bolognesi O. Bruno L. Taponecco

Increase Armature Voltage for the Superconducting DC Motor D. Wu J. Chen

Determining an Improved Dynamic Model of a System: Induction Motor and Direct-Current Machine W. Jażdżyński W. Milej

Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor K. Urbanski K. Zawirski

Brak literatury

Adaptive control and neuro-fuzzy modeling for mechatronic systems with interior permanent magnet synchronous motors J. Kabziński

Synthesis of Inverter Adapted Armature Voltage Wave-Forms for Synchronous Machines R. Pałka H. May Ł. Jazdowski W.-R. Canders

Overlapping Mesh Model for the Analysis of Electrostatic Microactuators with Eccentric Rotor P. Rembowski A. Pelikant

New Machine Designs for Task Adapted Inverter Fed Drive-Systems H. May R. Pałka W.-R. Canders

Numerical modelling of a turboalternator using Tooth Contours Method: CAD application D. Petrichenko M. Hecquet P. Brochet V. Kuznetsov

Hybrid Stepping Motors - State of the Art M. Jufer G. Heine

Comparative Study Between Two Diagnosis Methods to Detect Incipient Stator Inter-Turn Short-Circuits in Working Induction Machine T. Assaf H. Henao G.-A. Capolino

Soft magnetic composite in design of BLDC motor D. Miljavec M. Zagirnyak

The Analysis of Generator Stator Winding Parallel Branches Circulating Current on Rotor Windıng Interturn Short Circuit Fault W. Shuting L. Heming M. Fanchao

Aspects of the Performance Simulation of Switched Reluctance Machines P.P. de Paula W.M. da Silva J.R. Cardoso S.I. Nabeta

Use of an Evolutionary Strategy in Dynamic Design Optimisation of a Linear Actuator J. P. Wieczorek Ö. Göl T. M. Doan

Y-I characteristic determination of magnetic circuit and analysis of magnetic field in a single–phase transformer M. Hadžiselimović D. Miljavec I. Zagradišnik

A New Method for the Diagnosis of Rotor Bar Failures in Induction Machines via Wavelet Decomposition J. Roger-Folch J.A. Antonino M. Antonino M.P. Molina

Research on Stator Winding Inter-turn Short Circuit Fault of cage induction Motor Q.F. Lu E. Ritchie Z.T. Cao

Reduction of the Cogging in a Linear Synchronous Motor with a Claw-Pole-Structured mover - Trial fabrication 2 K. Shiroshita H. Wakiwaka

Micro hydropower station based on a doubly fed induction generator excited by a PM synchronous machine A. Ansel B. Robyns

Modelling Approaches for Simulation and Control of an Embarked Electrical Network L. Abdeljalil M. Ait Ahmed M.F. Benkhoris

Brak literatury

A Method for Evaluation of the Universal Machine Performance by Magnetic Network Analysis K. Schönherr A. Paweletz

Brak literatury

Iron Loss Analysis of Surface Permanent Magnet Motor Comparison of Measurement and Calculation by FEM K. Yamazaki

Control of a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Actuator F. Castelli Dezza M. Mauri E.A. Longaretti

The cone method for vizualization of the 3D electromagnetic fields. A. Krolewiak E. Napieralska M. Pietruszka

Electromagnetic modelling of Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Motors and Generators F. Marignetti J. R. Bumby

Recent Advances in Development of the Copper Motor Rotor D.T. Peters J.G. Cowie E.F. Brush, Jr.

Influence of Energy Saving Work on Thermal Load of Induction Cage Machine P. Gnaciński

Power System Stabiliser Design Based on Robust Control Techniques M. Bouhamida M.A. Denaï

Brak literatury, odwołanie do rysunków, które nie istnieją

Frequency-dependence of Magnetization of a Slip-ring Induction Generator R. Lin A. Arkkio

Two Fault Features of Inter-turn Short Circuit Fault Cage Induction Motor under Different Stator Connection Q. F. Lu E. Ritchie Z. T. Cao

Flux Linkage Calculation in 2D and 3D Finite Element Analysis Including Permanent Magnets K.Y. Lu E. Ritchie P.O. Rasmussen

A General Comparison Between Conventional And Improved Induction Machine Models N. Erdogan H. Henao R. Grisel

PDF-zla czcionka w tytule nazwisku i nagłówkach

Analytical Formulation For Design And Optimization Of Permanent Magnet Arrays M. Andriollo T. Bertoncelli

3D analysis of a transverse flux linear synchronous homopolar motor by an analytical approach M. Andriollo T. Bertoncelli

Low-Stiffness Motor: Review of Different Ironless Motors Topologies for Use in Precision Engineering Applications M.H. El-Husseini J.W. Spronck H. Polinder H.H. Langen J. van Eijk

Low Cost Bi-Phase Induction Motor Drive for Washing Machine Application D.G. Oteman T.A. Lipo

Do poprawy.Słaba jakość rysunków oraz czcionka do porawy

Quantitative Influences of the Stator Resistance variation on the behavior of the Stator Flux Oriented Vector Controlled Induction Machines E. Mitronikas A. Safacas

An Intuitive Approach to the Analysis of Torque Ripple in Inverter Driven Induction Motors Ö. Göl G. - A. Capolino M. Poloujadoff

Influence of the Effective Core Permeability on Eddy Current Losses in Power Transformers P. Hamberger J. Schoberl E. Schmidt

Posterior Iron Loss Calculation in Electrical Machines: Its Usefulness and Limitations B. Štumberger V. Goričan A. Hamler M. Jesenik M. Trlep

Influence Of The Inserted Tooth In Axial AC Synchronous Machine D. Derks F. Gillon P. Brochet

Reduction of mass for an AC inductor J. Saitz A. Arkkio

High Speed Synchronous Reluctance Machine Optimization Laminated and Iron Powder armature comparison M. I. Lamghari-Jamal L. Moreau M. E. Zaim J. Fouladgar

Response of a Variable Speed Synchronous Wind Generator to Voltage Dips C. Veganzones S. Martínez J.R. Wilhelmi J.A. Sánchez N. Herrero

Fault Tolerant Operating Strategies Applied to Three-Phase Induction Motor Drives A.M.S. Mendes A.J. Marques Cardoso

A knowledge Based Fault Diagnosis and Supervisory Expert System for Generators and Distribution Substations in Power Plants C. C. Kontogiannis A. N. Safacas

The Constructions And Models Of Induction Motors With Dual Stator Windings K. Pienkowski

Brak nagłówków oraz literatury

Dynamic Model of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor M. Bugeza D. Makuc R. Fišer

The Experimental Verification To Improve The Efficiency For Vertical Linear Synchronous Motor Using The Maximum Efficiency Point Tracking Method T. Tsukinaga S. Torii M. Watada D. Ebihara

Electromechanical Characteristics Improvement in a Twelve-Pulse LCI Drive System Under Faulty Operating Conditions A. N. Alcaso A. J. M. Cardoso

Analytical Solution for the Armature Magnetic Field of a Planar Acutator A.F. Flores Filho M.A. da Silveira

R.P. Homrich

Design to Improve Starting Capability of Single-phase Line-start Synchronous Reluctance Motor
Hyuk Nam
Su-Beom Park
Jung-Pyo Hong
Tae-Uk Jung
Jae-Boo Eom

Linear Synchronous Drive in Flying Shear Application S. Ceferin M. Bugeza R. Fišer

Detection of Induction Motor Squirrel Cage Asymmetry Using Run-up Test P. Bajec R. Fiser J. Nastran

Dynamic Analysis of Electromechanical Valve Actuators by means of FEM Techniques C. Boccaletti P. Di Felice E. Santini

Control of Six Two - Level PWM Rectifiers – Half Clamping Bridge - Seven Level NPC VSI Cascade A. Talha E. M. Berkouk M. S. Boucherit

Do poprawy.Słaba jakość rysunków oraz czcionka do porawy

Harmonic Iron Losses in Stator Core of Brushless Motor for Various Electrcal Steels K.H. Ha S.Y. Cha J.K. Kim Y. Hur Y.H. Jung Y.S. Lim
J.P. Hong Changwon National University, Department of Electrical Engineering Korea

System for monitoring and analyzing torsional vibrations in turbine generator shalf lines A. Wirsen P. Lang M. Humer

Brak pozycji w programie

An Internally Regulated Axial flux Generator for the Independent Control of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps N. Jakeman N. Al-Khayat

Torque strategies control of the double star synchronous machine drive under fault condition M. Merabtene M.F. Benkhoris

A Procedure for Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Phase Model Parameters Identification and Accurate Rotor Faults Simulation: mathematical aspects C. Bruzzese O. Honorati E. Santini

Sensorless control of PMSM using an efficient extended Kalman filter Z. Boulbair M. Hilairet F. Auger L. Loron

Do poprawy czcionki, brak danych o autorach

Determining Induction Machine Parameters Using Equivalent Circuit Models M. Stiebler

SVPWM Observer-based Input-Output Linearization of Induction Motor with Saturation of the Main Flux Path H. Martín J. Llaverías R. Bargalló

Influence of Geometry of Conductive Layers and Different Ferrites on Impedance of EMI Suppressor M. Damnjanovic Lj. Zivanov G. Stojanovic

Telecontrolled And Virtual Laboratory Of Electric Machines: Design, Construction And Tests Of Induction Motors E. Quispe O. Grajales N. Vidal R. Vega K. Watanave1
Luis Fernando Mantilla Peñalba

Coupled Current and Thermal Problem in the Motor Protection Switch (MPS); Verification of Calculated Temperatures with Measured Ones G. Hrovat A. Hamler

Combined solution of electromagnetic field and circuit equations in modelling the excitation control of synchronous generator A. Repo S. Kanerva A. Arkkio

An Analytical Model of Slip-Ring Induction Machines Including Magnetic Saturation and Rotor Position Angle J. Pippuri A. Arkkio

Identification of dynamic electromagnetic torque models for electric machines A. Repo A. Burakovas T. Holopainen A. Arkkio

The Phenomena Resulting From Hydro Power Plant’s Transition To An Island Work Mode R. Beniak A. Gardecki J. Hickiewicz J. Moch P. Wach

Comparison between different regulation structures for a five phases permanent magnet synchronous machine E. Robert-Dehault M. F. Benkhoris M. E. Zaim

Optimization of the energy losses in DC propulsion system in Electric Vehicles E. Rikos E. Tatakis

Determination of Flux-linkage Characteristic in large Switched Reluctance Machines: Analysis and Optimization N. F. Fuengwarodsakul R. B. Inderka S. Schröder R. W. D. Doncker

Adaptatif torque estimation of an electrical marine thrusters C. Guibert N. Aït-Ahmed L. Loron

Minimization of Torque Ripple in Interior Permanent Magnet Motor Using Finite Difference Scheme and Analytic Design Sensitivity
Hong-Soon Choi
Il-Han Park

Design and Manufacturing Steel-Cored Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor for Large Thrust Force and High Speed
Ho-Yong Choi
Sang-Yong Jung
Hyun-Kyo Jung
Jang-Sung Chun

Optimal Design for Volume Reduction of Nd-Fe-B Magnet in BLDC Motor
Sang-Joon Han
Hong-Soon Choi
Il-Han Park

Unit Sizing of a Small Hybrid Renewable Energy Conversion Systems Under Uncertainty D. Morales J.-C. Vannier

Electromagnetic Analysis Applied to the Prediction of Stray Losses in Power Transformer I. Susnjic Z. Haznadar Z. Valkovic

Electromagnetic Forces and Mechanical Oscillations of the Stator End Winding of Turbo Generators A. Grüning S. Kulig

New development of multifunction device for 4 different functions in mobile phones S-M Hwang H.-J. Lee K-S Hong B-S Kang G-Y Hwang

Brak nagłówków

Sliding-Surface Interface Conditions for 3D Machine Models discretised by the Finite Integration Technique M. Ion H. De Gersem T. Weiland

Dynamic Behavior Comparison of Sinewave Emf and Non Sinewave Emf PM Synchronous Machine Based Stand Alone Wind Energy Converter E.J.R. Sambatra G. Barakat B. Dakyo

Design optimization of axial flux permanent magnet synchronous generator for direct-drive wind energy application J. Azzouzi G. Barakat B. Dakyo

Modelling of Self-Excited Induction Generator with Comparison of two Methods of Saturation Modelling F. Poitiers C. Darengosse M. Machmoum

Steady State Model of the Single-Phase Capacitor-Run Hybrid Induction Motor Sun-Ki Hong

Control Techniques for a Novel Electrical Gearbox Actuator G. Iordanidis R. Wrobel D. Holliday P. Mellor

   Structural Design-Optimization of Switched Reluctance Motors Based on Long-Range Deformation Forces Using Finite Element Method coupled with a Genetic Algorithm F. Bokose L. Vandevelde J. Melkebeek

Maximum wind power control using torque characteristic in a Wind diesel system with battery storage M. El Mokadem, C. Nıchıta, B. Dakyo W. Koczara

Torque and Force Design Analysis of Vehicular Electric Machines by Finite Element Method W. Cai

The application of Multi-Variable-Frequency Resonant Controller to torque control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor J. Zeng P. Degobert X. Guillaud

Design of QuietTraction; a permanent magnet synchronous motor integrated in the wheel rim on wheelchairs R. Nilssen S.E. Skaar U. Aakenes E. Løvli

Losses and Efficiency of a Flywheel Energy Storage System with Permanent- Magnet Synchronous Machine Associated to a Variable-Speed Wind Generator G. Cimuca M.M. Radulescu Ch. Saudemont, B. Robyns

   Time-varying sliding surface for position control of an induction machine drive A. Sivert A. Faqir F. Betin G.A. Capolino

Design of an integrated 100kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine in a Prototype Thruster for Propulsion of Ships R. Nilssen Ø. Krøvel S.E. Skaar E. Løvli N. Sandøy

Analysis of the Inductance of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines with Distributed or Concentrated windings Y.K. Chin F. Magnussen J. Soulard

Study of Current and electromotive Force Waveforms in Order to Improve the Performance of Large PM Synchronous Wind Generator D. Vizireanu S. Brisset P. Brochet

zadługi doc

   Optimised Calculation of Losses in Large Hydrogenerators using Statistical Methods G. Traxler-Samek A. Schwery R. Zickermann C. Ramirez

Simulation and experimentation of a Two-Phase Claw-Pole Motor A. Reinap M. Alaküla

   Iron Loss Analysis of Linear Motor for Linear Compressor S. Wang H. Lee K. Park

Induction motor direct torque control drive equipped with an LC-filter M. Neuvonen T. Knuutila M. Niemelä J. Pyrhönen

Improved decentralised control system for hybrid vehicle energy transducer test bench S. Châtelet

Study of Traction and Transverse Forces in a Transverse-Flux Tubular Linear Switched Reluctance Motor A.F. Flores Filho R.P. Homrich V. Rinaldi

Diagnosis of Induction Machines: Definition of health Machine electromagnetic Signature D. Thailly R. Romary J.F. Brudny

Application of Boundary-Approximated Method for Calculation of Transformer Leakage Field S. Pawłowski

Relationship Between Magnetization Characteristics and Torque Mechanism in High Tempetature Superconducting Bulk Motor T. Nakamura H.J. Jung I. Muta T. Hoshino

Wide-Speed Operation of Direct Torque-Controlled Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors A. Muntean M.M. Radulescu A. Miraoui

Determination of axial leakage flux in PMSM J.A. Güemes

Characteristics parameter calculation of Contact-less Power Transmission System
Kyung-Ho Kim
Yun-Hyun Cho

Modeling and Analysis of the transformer and Coupled Inductor
Kyung-Ho Kim
Moon-Schick Kang
Yun-Hyun Cho

Thermal Lumped Circuit and Finite Element Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Y. K. Chin D. A. Staton J. Soulard

New Design of Switched Reluctance Motor to Improve its Efficiency P. Rafajdus V. Hrabovcova M. Liptak I. Zrak

A New Concept of Synchronous Reluctance Motor Co-Excited by Permanent Magnets – Comparison between Laboratory Tests and Performance Calculations. J. Bernatt R. Rossa

The Characteristics of the Magnetic Saturation in the Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Sang Yeop Kwak
Jae Kwang Kim
Hyun Kyo Jung

Parameters Calculation for Inverter Driven Induction Machine including Field Weakening Operation
Jang Ho Seo
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Thermal Charactieristics and Experimental Validation in Steel-Cored PMLSM considering Running Condition
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Saber-based Simulation of Permanent Magnet Electric Propulsion System
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Studies on Permanent Magnet Electric Propulsion System for Submarine
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Improved Performance of Industrıal Servo-Drıve Systems by SAW Shaft Torque Feedback T. M. O’Sullivan N. Schofield C. M. Bingham

A Hydrogen Fuel Cell-High Energy Dense Battery Hybrıd Energy/Power Source for an Urban Electrıc Vehıcle H. T. Yap N. Schofield C. M. Bingham

Active Conditioning of Aircraft Flight Control Surface Actuation Loads D. Ganthony N. Schofield C. M. Bingham D. Trainer C. Maxwell


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Eccentric Air-Gap Element for Transient Finite-Element Machine Simulation H. De Gersem T. Weiland

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Testing of a two-speed synchronous motor

Diagnostics for Mechanical Fault Finding in Electrical Motor by Current Distortion of Inverter L. Szentirmai A. V. Szarka

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Adjustment of Classical and Fuzzy Logic Speed Controllers for Electrical Drives with Elastic Joint K. Szabat T. Orlowska-Kowalska

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Method of calculation of unit power losses in magnetic laminations taking into account sinusoidal and PWM supply voltage K. Zakrzewski

Use of autotransformers for multipulse converters J. Plewako

Life Extension of Electrical Machines, Especially Large Power Generators by Total Elimination of Temperature rise due to the End Effect J. Jamali

Analysis of the Equivalent Circuit Diagram of a Permanent Magnet Induction Machine E. Tröster Th. Hartkopf H. Schneider G. Gail M. Henschel

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Thermal monitoring of an induction machine considering iron losses E. Foulon T. Saheb F. Auger L. Loron

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New "C-Dump" topologies for switched reluctance motor drives W.M. da Silva C. Goldemberg A. Van den Bossche

Current Control for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine S. Machmoum P. Chevrel M. Machmoum

Implementation of Model-Based Failure Prognosis on Permanent Magnet AC Machines W.G. Zanardelli E.G. Strangas T. Sebastian S. Mir M. Islam

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