Institute of Mechatronics and Informatics Systems
Technical University of Lodz
(previous name: Institute of Electrical Machines and Transformers)

Research Activity:
Theory, construction, design, investigation and exploitation of electrical machines, electromechanical elements of automation, power and special transformers, computer simulation of electromagnetic and electromechanical transients of induction motors, the influence of converter supply on performance of induction motors, engineering software for induction motor design, theory and design of disk type motors, power losses and forces calculation of electrical machines and transformers.

Computer methods of eelctromagnetic fields in electrical engineering: electrodynamics of 3D systems taking into account anisotropy and magnetic nonlinearity, 2D methods in steady and transient states for calculation of integral parameters of electromagnetic fields.

Noise and vibrations of electrical machines and transformers: 3D calculating methods of own and forced vibrations of machines and electrical arrangements, measurement techniques of noise and vibrations in industrial conditions.

Computer aided engineering (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM): computer design of drawing and documentation, computer control of technical documents in a factory.


Institute Building


Electrical Machines Laboratory


Education Activity:
Lectures, oral exercises, measurement and computer exercises in the field: theory of electrical machines, electromechanical converters, technical electrodynamics, computer aided design (CAD), computer graphics, database systems, driving systems.


electrical machines, transformers and converters (research and education), electromechanical elements of automation, noise and vibrations, Siemens driving Systems laboratory,

Computer laboratories: 4 educational and 2 research