History of the Institute of Mechatronics and Information Systems (previous Institute of Electrical Machines and Transformers)


       The Institute origins from the Chair of Electrical Machines established in June 1945 as a part of the Electrical Engineering Faculty brought to life at the Technical University of Lodz. The Chair was localised in a post-factory building near the crossing of Gdańska and Żwirki streets. The first Head and organiser of the Chair was former professor of the Warsaw University of Technology Bolesław Dubicki, Ph.D., later Full Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The principal educational goal of the Chair was teaching the subjects related to the theory of electrical machines in the main general course and specialised teaching in the field of construction, design and exploitation of electrical machines and transformers in conjunction with laboratory classes. These main objectives stayed current nowadays in a form continuously developing along with the progress of science and technology, lately modern computer methods in electrical machine and device engineering were introduced.

      After the return of professor B. Dubicki to the Warsaw University of Technology in 1947, professor Eugeniusz Jezierski, M.Sc. was nominated the Head of the Chair. Professor E. Jezierski was an exceptional authority in the field of transformers, supported by an extensive industrial experience. During twenty-three years of uninterrupted leading of the research, educational and organising work he created a scientific centre called the 'Łódź Transformer School', recognised in Poland an abroad. Due to his righteous character, honesty in scientific study and inborn kindness he established a team that was able to harmoniously progress in research, in the extent of electrical machines and transformers, with the most up-to-date methodology and tools. Already in this period new methods have been introduced: technical electrodynamics, methods and tools to analyse electromagnetic fields, measurement of noise and vibrations of electrical machines and transformers, etc. Thanks to the personal commitment of professor E. Jezierski a modern factory, Transformer and Traction Equipment Works ELTA, was erected in Łódź.

      Later on the Technical University of Łódź acknowledged the merit of professor E. Jezierski by endowing him with the distinction of "Doctor Honoris Causa".

      In 1971 in the authoritative reorganisation of the Electrical Engineering Faculty the chairs of Electrical Machines and Transformers, Electrical Apparatus and High Voltage Engineering were transformed into an integrated Institute of Electrical Transformers, Machines and Apparatus. Nominations for the director of the Institute were granted to professor Stanisław Dzierzbicki, M.Sc., in the years 1971-1974 and professor Janusz Turowski, Ph.D., D.Sc., in the years 1974-1984. During this period within the Educational-Research Team of Electrical Machines three scientific research groups have formed, appointed earlier, however informally, at the Chair: Electrical Rotating Machines Group supervised by professor Tadeusz Koter, M.Sc., Transformers and Converters Group leaded by professor Michał Jabłoński, Ph.D., D.Sc., Technical Electrodynamics and Micro-machines Group directed by professor Janusz Turowski, Ph.D., D.Sc. The Scientific Research Groups have played the main part in the education of young scientific staff and in the centrally co-ordinated research programmes in the eighties, co-operating in their work with other Universities and Institutes.

      In those days specialistic research was carried out within the scope of induction cage motor design and synchronous machines particularly on power losses and heating. Transformers, reactors and converters were investigated in order to improve their exploitation parameters. Computer aided numerical methods were also developed, applied to the analysis of electromagnetic fields, power losses and shielding in electrical machines and transformers. After the change of the financial system of scientific research, in Poland, after 1990 and retirement of professors T. Koter and M. Jabłoński the Scientific Research Groups were discontinued.

      The existing Institute of Electrical Machines and Transformers was formed in 1985, after breakdown of the integrated Institute. The duties of the director were conducted by professor Janusz Turowski, Ph.D., D.Sc., in the years 1985 - 1992. Beginning from 1992 professor Kazimierz Zakrzewski, Ph.D., D.Sc. is the head of the Institute. According to the statute of the Technical University of Łódź this position is appointed in the line of election.

      The current organisation of the research work is strictly connected to the system of research projects granted in contest by the State Committee for Scientific Research. The more important topics should be mentioned:

  • Electrodynamics of 3D systems,
  • Modern magnetic circuits of transformers,
  • Electromagnetic electromechanical and vibroacoustic phenomena in induction motors supplied from converters,
  • Exploitation imminence of transformers due to resonant overtension,
  • Field simulation methods in design and construction jobs.

      The Institute presently covers over 2500 m2 from which 1320 m2 are laboratories of electrical machines, transformers, converters, electromechanical elements of automation and vibroacoustics with an anechoic chamber. Modern computer laboratories have a dual function: research and educational. The numerical methods were introduced in the educational activity within the courses of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. Computerisation of the Institute is a substantial element integrating the theoretical and experimental research under the aggregated theme: Electrodynamics of Electrical Machines and Transformers.

      The Institute organises numerous scientific conferences, among them a continual International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Engineering, various conferences on the topic of electrical machines and transformers. The Institute maintains wide partnership with foreign Universities. Co-operates with the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP), Polish Association of Theoretical and Applied Electrical Engineering (PTETiS), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), International Compumag Society, etc. The professors of the Institute are members of Editorial Boards of the following journals: Archives of Electrical Engineering, International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering COMPEL, Electrical Engineering Review, etc. They are active in the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE). The professors participate in the Scientific Committees of many international and national conferences. During the last thirty years five members of the Institute personnel were honoured with prestigious awards of the IV Department of Technical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the domain of scientific research. During fifty years the staff of the Institute published approximately 60 books and lecture collections, about 800 papers and printed lectures, more than 300 scientific-technical analyses ordered by the industry. These accomplishments were granted with numerous awards by the Ministries and the Rector of the University.

      The scientific careers of present Members of the Polish Academy of Sciences have started at the Chair of Electrical Machines: professor Władysław Pełczewski, Ph.D. from the Institute of Automatic Control, Technical University of Łódź and professor Mirosław Dąbrowski, Ph.D., D.Sc. from the Institute of Industrial Electrical Engineering, Poznań University of Technology. Retired professor Seweryn Erlicki, Ph.D. from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology has obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Chair.

      Full professors who formed the history of the Institute and are gone forever: Bolesław Dubicki and Eugeniusz Jezierski mentioned earlier meritorious organisers, Bohdan Narolski - specialist in the field of noise and vibrations, Tadeusz Koter - specialist in the domain of design and exploitation of rotating machines, Maciej Kozłowski - exceptional specialist in the scope of transformers.

      Currently the following Full Professors are employed in the Institute: professor Janusz Turowski, Ph.D., D.Sc. - specialist in the domain of electrical machines, transformers and theory of electromagnetic fields, professor Kazimierz Zakrzewski, Ph.D., D.Sc. - specialist in the field of electrical machines, transformers and technical electrodynamics, professor Sławomir Wiak, Ph.D., D.Sc. - specialist in the scope of electrical machines and informatics.

      The following Ph.D., Doctors of Science hold the posts of professors: Jan Anuszczyk (since December 1, 2006 Institute of Electrical Power Engineering) , Alicja Kozłowska (retired professor), Maria Dems, Krzysztof Komęza, Adam Pelikant, Ryszard Szczerbanowski, Paweł Witczak.

      Additionally the Institute employs 9 members of the scientific personnel with Ph.D. degree and 3 assistants. The Institute of Electrical Machines and Transformers is the strongest in Poland - taking into account the scientific staff. Altogether the Institute constitutes from 30 people - 20 academic teachers and 10 members of the technical-engineering, administration and attendance staff.