Thematic Areas


The Conference covers a wide spectrum of topics in three areas:    EMF Computer Simulation and Measurement,  Bioelectromagnetic Phenomena.   and  Environmental and Work Protection Policy. Both oral and poster   presentations during technical, parallel sessions are provided.  Some papers will be presented at plenary session as well as  at special sessions devoted to one specific problem.  The exemplary topics in the three areas are listed below.


Area 1: Computer Simulation and Measurement in Bioelectromagnetics


-          Computational Electromagnetics.

-          Electromagnetic Compatibility.

-          Computation of Electromagnetic Field  (EMF) in the Living Organisms

-          EMF  at  Home and  Workplaces.

-          Instrumentation. Measurement Techniques.

-          Electromagnetic Interference with Medical Devices.

Area 2: Bioelectromagnetic phenomena   


-          EMF Interaction with Biological Systems.

-          EMF and Immunology.

-          Biomedical Application of Electromagnetic Field.

-          EMF Therapy and Clinic Applications.

-          Endogenous Electric and Magnetic  Field.

-          Biological Laboratory Studies (In vivo/in vitro).

-          Health Impacts of MRI Devices.

-          Health Impacts of Mobile Phone/Base Stations.

-          Health Impacts of   High Voltage Power Lines.

-          Effects of EMF  on the Central Nervous System.

-          Epidemiology Studies (RF and ELF).

-          Effects on Cardiovascular and Thermophysiological Systems.

-          Exposure and Cancer.


Area 3: Environmental Safety and Policy

-          Environmental EMF safety.

-          Development of EMF Safety Standards & Directives.

-          Public Concerns of Health Risks from Exposure to EMF

-          Risk Communication.

-          International Standards Harmonization.

-          Management of Electromagnetic Fields.

-          Research Projects and International Cooperation

-          Occupational / Residential Exposure and Risk



Structure of the Conference

The Conference will run according to the following structure:

-          Plenary and subject-oriented sessions.

-          Oral Communications.

-          Poster Communications.

-          Technical exhibition incorporating selected Companies.